Media Studies


Media is about communication, particularly mass communication with lots of people. The media creates products that are designed to entertain and inform, created for lots of people to hear, watch or read, often at roughly the same time. Whenever you are watching television, streaming films, scrolling through social media or listening to a podcast, you are consuming media.

Media is part of the Performing Arts faculty and allows students to develop their analytical and production skills in an area of study that is rapidly changing and is  a significant feature of our everyday lives in the 21st Century


Analyse & Explore

Media Studies involves the close analysis of the images, sounds and text that we experience via the media. It is the study of individual media texts (such as films, TV shows, magazines, websites) and :-

  • Who made them (“institution”)?
  • How they were made (“process”)?
  • Why they were made (“purpose”)?
  • Who they were made for (“audience”)?
  • What rules were followed when making them (“conventions” and “genre”)?



Create & Develop

In Media Studies you will apply your knowledge and understanding developed through analysis and exploration in the creation of digital media products. You will be supported in this through the use of software tools such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Audition and Premier in our specialist Mac Suite. 


Share & Evaluate

Successful media studies students evaluate their work at all times ensuring that they are aware at all times of the following:-

  • Audience
  • Context
  • Content

Key Stage Three

Media – Key Stage Four