Music is central to the performing arts and one of the oldest educational disciplines. From the moment a child is born, they are exposed to music through the sound of a voice or a lullaby and each heartbeat is the start of a musical journey. 

Every child has the potential to be a musician in any of the musical forms that our students are exposed to, whether it be in Music Technology, traditional performance or a fusion. The Music Curriculum at KWS allows students to explore familiar and unfamiliar music, exploring and understanding the music in order to create new and original music.

Analyse & Explore

In music, students analyse and explore music through listening and appraising a wide range of recorded and live music. This understanding moves from a basic understanding of the musical elements and how they are used through to more advanced score study and harmonic analysis at Key Stage 4 and 5.


Create & Develop

Students are encouraged to create their own music and then develop their ideas through a combination of peer and teacher feedback. As the curriculum progresses, students are taught the compositional and/or production techniques which are required to create more complex pieces.

Share & Evaluate

Performance is integral to our music curriculum and students share their work with others through performance, or through the realisation of  compositions using our ICT based tools. Students are then encouraged to reflect on their work with the assistance of others, enabling them to consider ways in which their future work can be informed by the knowledge they have gained through prior learning.