Key Stage Five

Eduqas A Level Music

A Level Music is a challenging and exciting course that can lead you to a wide range of careers as well as further study. Watch our video to find out more.

Outline / Course Objectives

Students learn to develop their analytical, performance and compositional skills over the two year course and can choose to specialise in either performance or composition in year 13. Students also develop their listening and appraising skills throughout the course.

Course Content

Students are required to study the following musical areas and set works:-

  • The development of the Symphony                           Haydn – Symphony 104
  • Musical Theatre
  • Into the Twentieth Century                                        Debussy – Nuages, Poulenc Trio


Students sit a terminal examination worth 40% of the qualification on the three areas of study. This is a 2 Hour 15 minute exam.

Students can choose to specialise in composition or performance, and these are weighted as follows:-

 Performance SpecialismComposition Specialism

Entry Requirements

GCSE Music at grade 6 or above  and the ability to perform to Grade 7 by the end of the course

Other entry pathways are available at the discretion of the course leader

Future Opportunities

A level music allows for a range of further at degree level which includes, music and music technology as well as a other subjects such as Medicine, Law and Accountancy

Suggested Subject Combinations

Performing Arts (BTEC), English, History, Physics, Maths

Opening September 2024