Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions asked about the award.

How will I be marked?

You will be marked on the quality of the research and / or artefact as well as your presentation skills. These will be graded as fail, pass, merit and distinction. To see the criteria, please click here.

Is the presentation a separate piece of work?

No, it is simply when you present your work, talking about what you set about doing, why it was of interest to you and how you arrived at the final product.

What is the proposal document?

This is your proposal detailing what you intend to work on. This needs to be completed and submitted by May 9th 2022

What can I do my project on?

Your project can be on anything connected with arts, culture and society – this is pretty broad so most things will work, but if in doubt, speak to your tutor or Mr Bullock and Mr Church.

Why are we doing this?

The ability to work independently is a vital skill to be successful, not only this but to be able to effectively research and create work will support your learning as you progress. These are essential skills for everyone and the earlier you begin to develop them, the better for you it will be.