“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and life to everything” – Plato

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, students are introduced to the three strands of music, Listening and Appraising, composing, and performing. Students develop their technical, constructive, and expressive pillars of learning through a range of musical activities which include singing, playing a range of instruments as well as Music Technology. The course aims to develop an awareness and appreciation of the musical world around them, not only by the study of the Western Classical and Popular Traditions, but also of the unique influences of different cultures from around the world. Assessment takes on a range of forms from written work to performance or composition. Students are encouraged to use appropriate musical notation where possible to support their work.

Students are encouraged to join an extra-curricular activity such as a choir or orchestra as well as to learn and instrument in order to further support their musical learning.

At Key Stage 4, those students in year 9 are still expected to have the opportunity to study music. This rotation aims to consider the interests of students whilst recognising the need for stretch and challenge.

This unit will focus on roles within the music industry, exploring pathways into working in the industry and the ability for students to take on a studio role and further enhance their music technology skills.

Key Stage 4 – Option Choice

At Key Stage 4, students follow the Eduqas GCSE Music syllabus. GCSE Music requires students to apply the knowledge, skills and understanding gained from the course across the three disciplines of Listening and Appraising, Composing and Performing. Composition and Performance are internally assessed and externally moderated. Listening and Appraising is assessed through a final terminal examination.

Students will study a wide range of music across four areas of study: –

Area of Study 1 – Forms and Devices (Set work: Badinerie, J.S. Bach)
Area of Study 2 – Music for Ensemble
Area of Study 3 – Film Music
Area of Study 4 – Popular Music (Set work: Africa, Toto)

Students have 5 lessons every fortnight in years 9 to 11 and lessons offer opportunities to develop the skills required for all elements of the course.

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